Manroland AG (until 2008 MAN Roland printing machinery AG) is a German manufacturer of printing machines in the fields of newspaper web offset, illustration web offset and sheet offset.

Founded in 1844 by Carl August Reicherbach, nephew of KBA founder Friedrich Koenig and Carl Buz, it was named Reichenbach’sche Maschinenfabrik. In 1889, the “United Machine Factory Augsburg and Engine Building Association Nürnberg A.G. Augsburg was founded by merger. Next change of company name was in 1908: “Machine Factory Augsburg-Nürnberg AG – MAN AG”.

The model “Roland” was developped in 1911 and was the first sheet rotation printing machine for offset printing in the world. The “MAN Roland Druckmaschinen AG” was founded in 1979 by fusing “Roland Offset and machine factory Farber and Schleicher” with “Augsburger M.A.N.-Print and machinery building”.

After the bankruptcy in 2011, new investors took over and split the association into the following companies:

  • manroland sheetfed – taken over by Langley Holdings PLC, United Kingdom
  • manroland web systems – taken over by L. Possehl & Co. mbH, Germany

Manroland sheetfed focuses on the sale of sheetfed offset machines and manroland web system on the sale of web offset print machines.



35 x 5050 x 7070 x 100100 x 140 and 120 x 160
Roland 200HRoland 700 HiPrint HSRoland 900 XXL
Roland 500Roland 700 DirectDrive
Roland 50Roland 200Roland 700 HiPrintRoland 900

In addition to printing machines, manroland offers a complete all-around carefree package: from various offers for consumables items (printcom), software solutions, systems of workflow-management up to advisory service for investment, architecture, organization, management, system design and process enhancement (printadvice).



manroland offers various upgrade packages in order to optimize your print system and to adapt to the requirements of the market.

Active Drain SystemExclusively designed for ROLAND 700. The system improves the draining of the washing and ink mixture in the waste lines. By avoiding blockages in the drain region cleaning and maintenance are reduced and production safety is increased.
Alternating WashingExclusively designed for ROLAND 700.Alternating Washing upgrads your printing machine with separate pipes for detergent.You can alternately work with UV and conventional inks without loss of time by the conversion.In addition, an improved cleaning effect is achieved by the separation of the detergent.At the same time the ease of use is extremely high.
ColorPilotColor Pilot is a color measuring and control system, which can be mounted on the ROLAND 300 and up.The system measures a speed of 25 cm / sec the print control tape and does at the same time a densitometric and colorimetric measurement.The setup times are reduced enormously. Waste of paper is reduced.
ColorPilot plusColor Pilot plus is required for perfecting and verso printing for the ROLAND 500 and up.The measuring arm can be positioned flexibly in the y-direction of the sheet.To print control strip can be positioned across to the printing direction in any position on the sheet.
ColorPilot smartThe ColorPilot smart system is designed for small-format printing machines of the series ROLAND 50 and ROLAND 200.It allows spot measurement to calculate the color density and colorimetric values.
E-Line Chambered Doctor BladeExclusively designed for ROLAND 700.Retrofitting the blade system in the doctor blade chamber allows a quick change of cutter.The screws that hold the knife normally is replaced by a clamping rod.This minimizes the danger of causing damage to the machine and makes cleaning faster and more effectively.
Inking Roller Blowing DeviceThe Inking Roller Blowing device sucks air from the print shop and blows it onto the ink rollers, thereby the surface water evaporates.The result is a stable printing operation.
At high speed, the system sucks the overspray from the machine and filters the air in order to minimize ink splitting and health risks.
InlineColor PilotThe InlineColorPilot has been developed for the ROLAND 700 and ROLAND 900/900 XXL.It enables non-stop control and uses a high resolution CCD sensor.
IntegrationPilotThe integrationPilot software package from manroland contains interfaces for transferring order data from the MIS and from CIP 3 files.This allows order management, optimize planning and management in a clear and simple way.Print jobs can be directly generated in the print shop and individual parameters can be changed.

*The IntegrationPilot requires the PressManager.

IntegrationPilot plusThe integrationPilot plus enlarges the normal integrationPilot by a comprehensive production data collection system.

It allows automatic and detailed data collection, which can be used for analysis.

Downtimes, production times and costings become easy and transparent.

Intercommunication SystemThe Intercommunication System guarantees the communication in the printshop at long machines.The system filters the ambient noise of the machine, is flexible and can be installed at any position in the print shop.
okBalanceThe okBalance system is an add-on for the ColorPilot system and guarantees a constant level of grey just at the push of a button.This is achieved by an automated colour control, which considers not only full colours but other parameters.
PermanentDeltaPermanentDelta works permanently at a different speed between the plate cylinder and the dampening roller.This system minimizes the formation of bunches on the printing plate and removesthem if necessary.
Plate De-InkingTo minimize the setup times for short runs, manroland offers the Plate De-Inking system.After printing more sheets are used to remove residual color. Washing time and amount of detergent are reduced.
PressManager perfect 2.0The PressManager perfect 2.0 consists of a central database for order preparation, planning and management.The setup times are extremely reduced, because colour can be pre-adjusted.
PressManager smart Onlinesmart Online minimizes the setup time by up to 25 %. The area coverage for each colour is calculated from the PPF data and is accessible online.
PressManager smart JobCardsmart JobCard works the same way like smartOnline. Here, the jobcard is the data medium for the colour matching.
ROLAND InlineCoater smartRoland InlinceCoater smart is a pivotal coating module, which is installed preferably at the last printing unit.The system achieves up to 70 brigthness points and thus is for many users is more than sufficient.
ROLAND InlineFoilerThe manroland InlineFoiler enables the printer to stamp cold foils and print on these stamped foils in one printing act.The module is compatible with all printing machines of Roland series 700 B1 & B2 and 500. It can be used with conventional or UV ink.
ROLAND InlineObserverThe InlineObserver consists of cameras which control the sheet guiding within the machine. The number of cameras is depending on the impression counter.
ROLAND InlineSheeterThe Inlinesheeter is also called roll-to-sheet converter and allows the efficient use of paper rolls. It consists of a stageless cut-off length, so that the costs for print substrate can be reduced.

Manroland also does offer a so called TelePresence: The system connects the printer directly with a technician who can do telemaintenance.

In addition, the system can be equipped with a webcam. The communication is much more easier, possible sources of errors are found quicker.