Komori is the third largest manufacturer in the sector of offset printing machines. The Japanese company was founded in 1923. The so-called customer-Kando is a Japanese philosophy, which focuses on customer’s satisfaction: qualitiy, reliability, communication and ecology-minded production.

Besides the core business of sheetfed offset presses, Komori also produces web offset and digital machines. With Komori Currency, Komori could gain ground in the market of bank note printing machines as well. Most of the printing machines are developed and produced in Japan and find buyers around the world.


Sheet fed Offset Presses

35 x 5050 x 7070 x 100
Lithrone 20SPICA 26 / SPICA 26PLithrone S40 / S40P / S40SP
SPICA 29 / SPICA 29PLithrone G40 / G40P
Enthrone 26 / 26PLithrone SX40 / SX40RP
Enthrone 29 / 29PLithrone GX40 / GX40RP
Lithrone S26Lithrone S44
Lithrone S29Lithrone S44SP
Lithrone SX29
Lithrone S32
Lithrone A37

Most popular are the models of Lithrone series, which you will find in our range of used printing machines as well.



Komori offers web offset printing machines with modern equipment and high flexibility, so that these presses meet the requirements of a highly competitive market. Highest printing quality at maximum speed is the reason for excellent capacity, especially in the field of small editions.

System 38SSystem 38D

The Komori System 38S has been developed in order to set a new world standard for 16-pages-weboffset printing machines. Komori managed this with constant quality at high printing speed and an ecology-minded potential in order to conserve ressources.

The Komori System 38D is a remake of the legendary 38S as 32-pages-weboffset printing machine. This machine with high class 32- pages print at a speed of 36.000 prints per hour was a revolution in the growing market of weboffset printing.


These Komori digital printing machines combine intelligent workflow and approved technology.

Range of products:

  • Impremia C60
  • Impremia C70
  • Impremia C80
  • Impremia IS29
  • Impremia IW20


Komori offers a portfolio of upgrades which is clear and wide. The Japanese Kaizen principle means “pursuit of steady improvement”: Komori is adjusting its technology constantly to the changing requirements of the printing industry.

KHS > KHS-AIPDC-S > PDC-SIIK-Station v.2 >
K-Station v. 3
Prepac Blanket washing
In comparison to the KHS system, the KHS-Al upgrade offers a self-learning function in order to reduce time and material. The setup times of the printing machine are automated and accelerated by the so-called smart-sequence-function.The spectral densitometer is a measuring system with an intelligent sensor. The measurement is displayed at real time and convinces with easy handling.The K-station is the linking between printing machine and production control. The global network guarantees quick feedback for controlling, planning and recording the production.The pre-dampened blanket cloth with reduced dosage of solvent are more economical and ecology-minded than the conventional cleaning. Additonally the automated washing process saves time.

All systems of Komori work with an efficient DoNet CIP4-environment. This printing standardization is the basis for connecting different pre- and postpress tools of different manufacturers.

In order to grant a worldwide availability of spare parts, Komori does have its own spare part centre in every region of the world. The centre of spare parts for the European Community is located in Leeds, Great Britain.