Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG is worldwide known for high-end technology, high quality and proximity to customers. This well-established German company is the leading manufacturer of sheetfed offset and digital printing machines.

Founded by Andreas Hamm in 1850, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG did manage to take root in the market of sheetfed offset printing as pioneer in technology. Besides the original printing machine, Heidelberg produces also pre-press machines as well as post press machines and customized designs:

Cutting machinesFolding machinesSaddle Stitchers
POLAR 56Stahlfolder Ti 52/Ti 36Stitchmaster ST 100
POLAR 66 ECO/NETStahlfolder TA 52Stitchmaster ST 350
POLAR 78Stahlfolder TH/KHStitchmaster ST 450
POLAR 80 ECO/NETStahlfolder KH 66Stitchmaster ST 500
POLAR 92Stahlfolder KH 82
POLAR 115Stahlfolder KH 94
POLAR 137Stahlfolder KH 112
POLAR Stapelwender


Die CuttersFolder GluersPerfect Binders
Varimatrix 82 CSEasygluer 100Eurobind 600/600PUR
Varimatrix 105 C/CSDiana 45Eurobind 1300/1300 PUR
Varimatrix 105 CSFDiana X 80/X 115Eurobind Pro
Varimatrix 105 CSFDiana FeederEurotrim 1000
Dymatrix 106 ProDiana Packer
Dymatrix 113 ProInlet Spotter
Dymatrix 145
Speedmaster XL 106 D

Despite the broad product range, Heidelberg sheetfed offset presses in the format classes 35 x 50 cm to 120 x 160 cm remain the company’s core business. As the demand for used Heidelberg printing presses is so high, we always have a selection in our delivery programme.


Bir Heidelberg Speedmaster tabaka ofset makinesi resmi
35 x 5050 x 7070 x 100100 x 140 and 120 x 160
Printmaster QM 46Speedmaster SM 74Speedmaster SM 102Speedmaster XL 145
Printmaster GTO 52Printmaster PM 74Speedmaster SX 102Speedmaster XL 162
Printmaster PM 52Speedmaster SX 74Speedmaster CD 102
Speedmaster SM 52Speedmaster XL 75Speedmaster CX 102
Speedmaster SX 52Speedmaster CX 104
Speedmaster XL 105 / XL 106

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG offers suitable peripheral equipment for each of these sheetfed offset printing machines. By upgrading your new or used printing machine with different modules, you create short setup times, maximum productivity and high-end quality.

The Heidelberger „Star System“ is a perfect combination to use the potential of your sheetfed offset printing press: short setup times, maximum productivity, ecological workflow and high printing quality. You can be sure to get the maximum out of your Speedmaster.



CutStarThe CutStar is a short-grain sheeter which is being installed directly at the feeder of your Heidelberg sheetfed offset press.

With the CutStar you can use low-cost rolls instead of expensive sheets. The rolls can be cut into the required format.

StaticStarThe StaticStar minimizes the static electrification of your print substrates, so that maximum printing speed can be achieved.
AirStarThe AirStar is perfectly adjusted to the Heidelberg Speedmaster machine.

A central air supply cabinet bundles nearly all single blowers for the suction and blow air of your printing machine.

The AirStar is optimized for energy conversion efficiency and reduces the energy consumption by up to 50 %.

HydroStarThe HydroStar saves time and cost by guaranteeing a constant concentration of alcohol and dampening solution. The temperatures stay constant and the dampening solution is clean.
InkStar und InkStar DirectThe InkStar System is a fully automated ink feed for the Speedmaster.

A sensor double-checks the level of ink in the ink fountain and doses accordingly.

The InkStar System consists of two-kilo ink cartridges which are internationally standardized. The cartridges are available in all offset printing colours.

The InkStar Direct System uses a valve instead of the cartridges. These are connected to the central ink supply.

FoilStarThe FoilStar stands for economical foil refinement and is available for the following sheetfed offset presses:

  • Speedmaster CD 74
  • Speedmaster XL 75
  • Speedmaster CX 102
  • Speedmaster CD 102
  • Speedmaster XL 106
  • Speedmaster XL 105

The cold-foil module refines a variety of labels and packaging and brings out brilliant metallic effects.

The module comes with 2 offset printing units. The first printing unit applies the foil gluer over the whole sheet. The second and main printing unit has absorbing and unwinding units for applying the foil.

WashStarThe WashStar reduces the time required for press cleaning with a fully automatic washing programme. It is available for the following machines:


  • Speedmaster SM 102
  • Speedmaster CD 102
  • Speedmaster SX 102
  • Speedmaster CX 102

The time saved by the WashStar plays a major role, particularly with short runs that require frequent washing. The system ensures greater press availability because you can continue printing while the WashStar is running..

CoatingStarRefinementthrough high gloss. The CoatingStar is a coating supply unit with highest demand and flexibility.

The low maintenance annular-piston pump technology is suitable for all kind of coating types. Coating changes are easy and quick.

DryStarDryStar Ink, DryStar Coating or DryStar Combination: you can get the right and individual dryer for each application.

Sheet guiding and dryer are combined perfectly, so that the maximum speed can be achieved.

There is no similar system which is that efficient than the DryStar.

Heat RecoveryThe heat recovery from Heidelberg enables you to reuse the heat and to optimize the process of drying.

The cross-flow heat exchanger prevents penetration of humidity to come into your machine.

DryStar UVPerfect integration into the Heidelberg press, with a minimum distance between UV dryer and sheet, allows UV printing at the highest production speed.
DryStar LE UVThe DryStar LE UV is the LE (Low Energy) version of the DryStar UV and has been developed especially for the Speedmaster XL 106 and Speedmaster XL 75.

The UV dryer enables the entry into the commercial UV market and allows your printing company to create new print products for this market.

PowderStarThe PowderStar series can be perfectly integrated in your Speedmaster.

The PowderStar does have a very precise powder dosage. 12 – 24 nozzles apply the powder and reduce the powder consumption by 30 – 50 %.

CleanStar With the CleanStar and its four suction ducts arranged around the pile, any stray powder is caught in an exhaust air cleaning cabinet and reduces the dust load in your print shop by more than 80 %.
InsertStarThe InsertStar is a tape insertion system with counting and marking function.

The peripheral equipments of the Star System are completely integrated into the operating concept of the printing machines. This fact guarantees the controlling and timing of the press at any time.

The cross-linking of all modules to the Prinect Press Center integrates the peripheral equipment into the Remote Service of Heidelberg. The complete system can be remote controlled – whether single modules are in one room or not.



Benefit from the trend towards „green production“ and improve your ecological footprint! Environmental protection has been given high priority in all corporate activities of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. Measures are taken in the development, production and use of machinery to reduce the consumption of resources and the associated CO2 footprint. Even the used Speedmaster presses from the 2001 series have exemplary ecological values.